Frazier Terrace Projection Mapping

I explored maps and mapping ideas to develop a visual grammar that can be understood by others that represents complex information. For this project, I chose to design the Frazier Terrace on the RISD campus. I chose this site because the Orpheus fountain is beautiful and the lights surrounding the area makes it feel calm. Whenever it is warm, this spot is a nice place to sit down and step back from school. However, this spot is not utilized as much as it can be. There are dead corners and dark areas where the terrace meets the printmaking building.
Therefore, I focused on activating the space with my final proposal by creating my first projection mapping space.

At first, I wanted to portray the romantic relationship of the Orpheus fountain located near this spot. However, a problem existed if I were to do a projection mapping at night – three rooms would always have their lights on. I realized those rooms were for the students working in this building, and I wanted to embrace this obstacle. I decided to portray the all-nighter life of a RISD student and to make it more relatable to the viewers.

The Space

Final Video

8 Maps Study

First I needed to study the space and I discovered several qualities unique to Frazier Terrace. The following maps represent 8 different characteristics of Frazier Terrace: its sensory qualities, behaviors, material qualities, history, functionality, structures, scale, and complications within.