Roots & Veggies

After a great amount of image resourcing and gathering, I wanted to make a project on roots and vegetables. From the internet archive, to taking my own photographs of Whole Foods vegetables, and going to a nature lab to take microscopic videos and images, I was juggling between two projects. I learned how to use the microscopic technology for photos and video recording, and began learning After Effects.

I focused on the macro and micro aspects of the research and put in text from another archive. The "Horticulture of Vegetables" macro book talks about the different methods and theories when growing vegetables. The "Daikon Trail" micro book specifically follows the history of daikons in different regions. For the final book, I decided to follow the growing and delivering process of GMO crops versus organic crops. In my book, I had one side showing the negative impacts of GMO’s and the other side showing the positive side of organic food.